Industrial Flooring Comparison  
Commercial carpet Ceramic tile Vinyl or linoleum Wood laminate Natural stone Polished concrete Seamless epoxy coatings
Color & design availability Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Longevity & performance Poor Good Good Good Excellent Excellent Very good
Vulnerable to humidity and moisture damage Yes No Yes Yes No No No, except moisture transmission from underneath
Can harbor mold, mildew, dust mites and other allergens Yes No No Yes No No No
Average lifecycle High Low Intermediate Intermediate Low Low Low
Ease of maintenance Poor Excellent (Grout selection is key) Good, linoleum may need occassional sealer Average Good Excellent Excellent
Average installed cost per sq. ft. $2.50–6.50 $8.50–20.00 $3.50–6.00 $8.00–10.00 $20–45 $3.00–7.00 $1.00–9.00

Note: All flooring selection should be based on several considerations:

  1. Amount of traffic
  2. Amount of abuse
  3. Type of maintenance
  4. Darker colors hide dirt and debris
  5. Lighter colors are difficult to maintain


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